Vortex AirVent

Eliminates the recirculation of condenser exhaust air directly into condenser supply air.


A Vortex AirVent is an energy-saving device installed on a rooftop air conditioner unit (RTU), a supermarket refrigeration condenser, an air-cooled chiller condenser, or a data center condensing unit.

The device directs the hot air leaving the condenser straight up, forcing the hot airflow through a series of fixed blades, causing the air to spiral and creating a turbulence or vortex. This increases the amount of air flowing through the cylindrical tube, in turn moving a larger amount of air through the condenser.

The top of the device has a cowling with a reduced output diameter to reduce the output noise level. By adding the device to the top of the condenser, the airflow is greatly improved. Vortex AirVent eliminates the re-circulation of condenser exhaust air directly into condenser supply air.

More heat is then rejected from the condenser coil, increasing the system’s peak ambient cooling capacity and energy savings, lowering head pressures, extending compressor life, and reducing maintenance costs.

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