Enhanced Thermal Insulation

The #1 provider and fabricator of removable insulation jackets and covers.


Acela Thermal Energy is an Authorized Representative of Thermaxx and seeks out to develop economically advantageous projects with superior simply paybacks.

Removable insulation jacket application for steam distribution systems:

  • Facility wide Auditing Process uses advanced technology to obtain required measurements, which are directly relayed to manufacturing process, producing an exact and expeditious implementation of jackets
  • With exact surface areas known, customer can see precise energy and dollars savings calculations.
  • When desired, representative insulation jackets are wirelessly monitored with unique sensors to show real-time energy savings of the various applications. ESCOs relish this feature when working with customers on energy savings projects.
  • Jackets are provided with Manufacturing and Asset Tracking QR Tags, which provide a host of functions when the jackets are installed. Simply point a cell phone at tag and information appears: product number, jacket location, pictures of device being insulated, device product number, O&M literature, video of jacket insulation process specific to that jacket, and much more standard and customer-desired information.


Heat exchangers, Boiler Doors, Turbines, Condensate Pumps, Condensate Tanks, Superheaters, Control Valves, Compressors, Engines and Motors Ductwork, Steam Piping, Steam Traps

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