Condenser Water Heat Transfer Enhancement

Reduces make-up water by 20% to 30% – easily measured.


Acela Thermal Energy is an Authorized Project Developer for ElectroCell Systems and identifies cost-effective locations across the country to provide and install this energy and water saving technology.

The HVAC open & closed loop electrostatic side stream particle precipitator energy & water conservation measure for facility chiller plant:

  • Enhances chemical performance by removing 95% of suspended solids
  • Increases thermal transfer and system efficiency, producing energy savings on average of 12%
  • Newer, cleaner system reduces much of the equipment maintenance while extending equipment lifecycles
  • Substantially reduces the risk of Legionella
  • Significantly lowers chilled water system’s carbon footprint


Chiller – Condenser Water & Chilled Water Systems


Anheuser Bush, Merck, AT&T, Philadelphia Electric Company, Hyatt Regency, Ritz Carlton, Christian Health Care Center, Robert Woods Johnson Hospital, Bristol-Meyers Squib, Janssen Pharmaceutical, Pennsylvania Power & Light, Southern New Hampshire Health Care, New York Botanical Gardens, NBC Broadcasting, Wind Creek Casino

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