Acela Thermal Energy

We provide energy services companies with energy-efficiency measures and incentive acquisition services, including:

  • Variable Speed Drive HVAC Fans, Pumps, Roof Top Units & Industrial Applications
  • EC Motor Installation for Coolers/Freezers, Hotel Guest Rooms, Fan Coil Units
  • Insulation &Removable Insulation Jackets  – Steam & Hot Water Systems
  • Enhanced Hot Water Boiler Controller
  • Large Boiler Conversion to Condensing Boiler
  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment and Energy Savings Systems
  • Misting Systems for Air Cooled Chillers, Condensers, Data Center & Turbines
  • Air Directors for HVAC Roof Top Units – Direct Air Flow
  • Remote, Wireless, Battery Less Steam Trap Status Monitoring
  • Project Developer for Tecogen Products Across the US – Co-gen and Gas Chillers

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Acela Thermal Energy Products & Services, April 2020

Supermarket, Grocery, and Food Services Measures

  • Refrigeration Condenser Misting
  • HVAC Roof Top VFD’s
  • Thermal Storage for Large Freezer Applications
  • Refrigerated Cases & Evaporator EC Motors
  • Refrigerated Case Low Temp Anti-Fog Film