Acela Energy Group Featured Clients

Electric & Gas Procurement & Energy Consulting Clients


Raytheon MA & TX (Gas & Electric Procurement) 8 Locations
GTE – Verizon (Energy Procurement) 11,000+ Locations
Sprint / Nextel  (Energy and Invoice Management Consulting) National
Cisco Systems Headquarters (Gas & Electric Procurement) 30+ Buildings
Siemens (Energy Procurement Consulting)  National & International Locations
Bank of America, NC (Energy Consulting)
ING Direct, CT, MA, & PA  (Energy Procurement & Consulting)
Logistics Management Institute (Electric Procurement) Governmental Accounts
Bank of New York (Energy Consulting) 6 Locations
360 Degree Networks (Electric Procurement) 5 Locations
Boston Herald (Electric Procurement)  1 Location
ADESA (Electric & Gas Procurement) Nationwide
The Bushnell, CT (Energy Consulting)
Whitehead Institute – (Energy Consulting Services)
Colonial Williamsburg (Energy Procurement, Energy Audit) 800+ Buildings
Association of Energy Engineers (National Seminars) 80 National Seminars


Gillette Companies (Gas Procurement) 5 Locations
Unilever (Gas & Electric Procurement) 8 Locations
Millipore (Energy Procurement & Strategic Energy Consulting) Worldwide
The Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams)  – Energy Consulting
Hasbro Inc. (Energy Conservation and Procurement Consulting) 2 Locations
Ocean Spray Cranberries (Strategic Energy Plan) 6 Locations
Ingersoll Rand – (Energy Consulting Services) National
World Color – Quebecor (Gas & Electric Procurement) 35+ Locations
Pechiney Plastics (Energy Consulting) 1 Location
The Newark Group, Inc. (Electric Procurement) 3 Locations
Bradford Dyeing Association, Bradford, RI – (Energy Consulting)
Combustion Engineering, CT (Energy Procurement)
Thermo Fisher Scientific (Energy Procurement)

Retail – Hospitality

Four Seasons Hotels (Gas & Electric Procurement) 20 Locations
Doubletree Hotels – Hilton (Gas & Electric Procurement) 1,200 Locations
Universal Studios – Orlando –(Energy Consulting)
Roche Bros Supermarkets MA (Gas & Electric Procurement) 16   Locations
Stop & Shop Supermarkets (Gas & Electric Procurement) 345 Locations
National Amusements (Gas & Electric Procurement) 104 Locations
Big Y Foods, MA & CT (Energy Procurement & Consulting)
Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc. MA (Gas & Electric, Energy Consulting) 200+ Stores
SuperValu Supermarkets (Electric Procurement) 8 Locations
Citizens Bank (Electric Procurement) 17 Locations
Trucchis’s Supermarkets MA (Gas & Electric Procurement) 7 Locations
Fleming Companies (Electric Procurement) 18 Locations
Jordan’s Furniture – MA & NH – Energy Procurement


Advocate Health Care, Chicago IL (Energy Procurement) 8 Major Hospitals
VHA HealthFront, MA (Gas & Electric Procurement) 10 Hospitals
Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center MA (Gas & Electric Procurement) 6
Lake Hospital System, IL (Electric Procurement) 5 Locations
Carney Hospital, MA (Energy Procurement, Energy Consulting) 3 Buildings


Brandeis University MA (Gas & Electric Procurement) 50+ Buildings
University of Texas (Electric Procurement) 45 Locations
Bentley College, MA – Strategic Energy Planning
Tufts University MA (Gas Procurement) 35 Building
Suffolk University MA (Electric Procurement, Energy Consulting) 10 Buildings
Clarkson University MA (Electric Procurement) 20 Buildings
University of Chicago IL (Electric Procurement) 65 Buildings
Springfield Technical Community College MA (Gas Consulting)

Office / Property Management

Boston Properties (Gas & Electric Procurement)  12 Locations
Spaulding & Slye (Jones Lang LaSalle) (Procurement, Energy Consulting)
General Investment & Development Co. (Energy Procurement) National
John Hancock (Electric Procurement) 6 Locations
Rose Associates, Inc. (Electric Procurement)
Beacon Capital Partners (Energy Consulting) MA
Corcoran Jennison Companies (Gas Procurement) 36+ Locations
Beacon Properties Corporation (Gas & Electric Procurement) 242+ Locations
Cathartes Investments (Energy Consulting) 5 locations
Meredith & Grew (Electric Procurement) 1 Location
Blackstone Property Management   (Electric Procurement) 1 Location
Windsor Investments (Gas & Electric Procurement) 8 Locations
99 High Street (Electric Procurement) 1 Location
Paradigm Properties (Electric Procurement) 1 location
Centremark Properties (Electric Procurement) 8 Locations
CTC Communications (Electric Procurement) 4 Locations
Transatlantic Investment Management (Electric Procurement) 3 Locations


US Postal Service (Energy Procurement, Energy Consulting) 17,000 + locations
Federal Aviation Authority FAA (Electric Procurement)
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (Electric Procurement)
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia – (Energy Consulting & Procurement)


Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (Energy Procurement)
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (Energy Procurement)
Cleveland Transit Authority (Energy Procurement Consulting) OH
Metropolitan Water District – Hartford – Power Procurement, 17 Locations
Connecticut Transit, CT (Energy Procurement)
Bristol County Sheriff Office, MA (Energy Procurement, Energy Consulting)
State of Kansas (Procurement Seminar)


City of New York (Certified Energy Manager Training)
Glenbrook Schools, IL (Gas & Electric Procurement) 12 Locations
Winnebago County, IL (Gas & Electric Procurement) 8 Locations
City of Pomona, CA (Energy Consulting) 30 Locations
City of Springfield, MA (Performance Contracting Consulting – Owners Rep.)
City of Newton, MA (Performance Contracting Consulting – Owners Rep.)
Torrington Water Company, CT (Energy Procurement)
Avon Water Company, CT (Energy Procurement)
Valley Water Systems, CT (Energy Procurement)


Southern California Edison (Energy Procurement Training) CA
Duke Power (Energy Contract Training) NC
Ontario Hydro (Energy Procurement Training) OT
Florida Power & Light (Energy Procurement Training) FL
CSW (Energy Procurement Training) TX
Sempra Energy (Energy Procurement Training) CA
Nipsco (Energy Procurement Training) IN
Niagara Mohawk (NGRID) (Energy Procurement Training) NY
Southern California Gas Company (Energy Procurement Training) CA