Strategic Energy Planning

Why Have A Strategic Energy Plan?

The Ability to Plan for the future

You should manage your energy costs risks, like you manage all the other risks in your company

Assistance with Setting Budgets

Definition of What to Report to Executive Management

Financial Hedge Married to Energy Conservation Efforts

Known procedures in case of an energy curtailment in the event of a disaster or terrorist event

And most importantly, the written Strategic Energy Plan is something to turn to in times of energy pricing dilemmas and/or opportunities

Demand Response –What Should You Be Looking For?

Can my type of facility benefit from participation in a Demand Response Program?

If so, will it cost me a great deal of time and money to participate?

How can I identify the operational measures available to me within my facility, to profitably participate in Demand Response Programs?

What are the various types of Demand Response Programs that are available to my specific locations?

How much revenue would I be able to generate by participation in these programs?

I have many locations across the country, how can I determine which locations can participate?

What are some of the downside of participating in Demand Response Programs?

Energy Efficiency Incentives from Electric & Gas Utilities

How do I know if the energy efficient equipment I plan on purchasing will qualify for an incentive?

What are the procedures I have to follow to obtain an incentive?

Are there any burdensome rules and regulations that I have to follow in order to apply and receive these incentives?

Will the utility program run out of money before they pay me?

Who can provide a third party verification of the savings calculations often need for applications and determining incentives?

Is all the time and money required for to obtain the incentive, worth the incentive?

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Utility/End User Problem Solving Negotiation

Why is the energy usage on my bill unusually high?

Why is the total dollars on my energy bill appear incorrect?

Why does my bill state that my meter reads are “Estimated”?

Why do I pay a “kVA” instead of a “kW” demand charge some months?

Am I on the correct tariff and/or rate for my facility?

I am building a new building, and the utility appears to be charging too much for a contribution for construction, and I was wondering, am I paying them too much?

The utility told me my meter was broken, and they replaced it with a new one, and they say I owe them a bunch of money, is that possible, and if so, why?

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