Why Hire Acela Energy Group As Your Energy Procurement Consultant?

To augment you and your company’s education with regards to proper methods of procuring energy via the best energy contract, followed by the lowest price based on your corporation’s unique risk management tolerance, credit rating, load profile and energy voltage service level.

To verify all information regarding existing energy accounts and obtain all required usage and demand information to satisfy the required procurement process.

To determine the risk management level and purchasing strategy of your corporation.

To competitively procure your energy from legitimate, licensed Power & Gas Marketing Firms.

To negotiate all energy purchasing contracts, with all Marketers, to ensure clients obtain fairest contracts, and contracts that are comparable to one another for a proper and just selection process.

To verify the invoices you receive after signing on with a Power or Gas Marketer, are actually based on the information and prices listed on the energy contract your company signed.

What you will receive from Acela Energy Group, when you retain us for your Energy Procurement needs:

  • We will show and provided to you, all of your energy usage and load data we gather on your behalf.
  • We will provide to you and explain to you the Request for Proposals sent out to Marketers on your behalf.
  • We will provide you with the contact information regarding the Marketers to whom we sent the RFP’s to on your behalf.
  • We will provide you with a copy of all proposals forward to us from Marketers.
  • We will provide and explain to you copies of each negotiated energy purchase agreement from chosen Marketers.
  • We will assist you in selecting the best Marketer for your company based on contract terms, price, and risk management level.

And we will:

  • Provide you with a fixed total cost to provide you with our energy procurement consulting services.
  • The price will be provided to you in a manner that illustrates the various services being provided, the number of hours allocated, the hourly rates of the positions providing the services, and any perceived expenses.

Please note, the amount kWh and/or Therms consumed by the Customers, does not enter into our pricing!

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