About Us

Acela Energy Group Company Profile

We Stand Alone
Acela Energy Group, Inc. prides itself on being completely independent of any energy producers, transmitters, distributors or sellers of energy. We do not make or sell power ā€“ We make it more affordable for you.

Making The Decision
Acela Energy Group, Inc. will assist you in making strategic energy procurement decisions. This often involves the development of an ā€œEnergy Team.ā€ This approach creates a solid foundation for participation in gas and electric competitive purchasing opportunities unfolding in the marketplace. We maintain a database of Energy Service Providers from which you can solicit qualified proposals thus obtaining the most from your deregulation choices.

Having The Knowledge
Acela Energy Group, Inc. brings three very important factors to the energy procurement process:

  • Understanding of facility-wide energy usage
  • Experience in the competitive energy procurement process
  • Identification of energy and load management opportunities

We will help prepare you to capitalize on your choices in the newly competitive energy industry.

More Information:
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