Retrofit Existing Boiler to Condensing Boiler

Boosts your boiler system efficiency from 80% to 96%.


Acela Thermal Energy assists Combustion & Energy Systems USA (ConDex) with developing projects that produce superior energy and dollar savings on boiler systems.

  • By recovering and transferring the heat from your exhaust stream into your facility’s heating system, a condensing boiler can reduce energy consumption, reduce costs, and substantially decrease your campus’s EUI.
  • A condensing boiler saves a significant amount of water.
  • This energy and water efficiency improvement measure will also greatly lower your boiler system’s carbon footprint.
  • A condensing boiler is reliable and provides a superior return on investment. It can be one of the largest single location energy reduction measures at your facility.


Large Boiler Systems


Toyota, Coca-Cola, Kansas State University, Indiana State University, University of California, VA Hospital, Heinz

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