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Night Curtains





  • Decrease energy use during unoccupied hours
  • Eliminate the need to tape plastic sheets over case openings during power outages
  • Extend produce life by providing cooler case temperatures during unoccupied hours
  • Lower early morning heating costs that arise from cold air spilling over into the aisles
  • Lengthen compressor life by reducing run times

Application and Savings

Historically, food store refrigerated cases (without glass doors) have been left open to the atmosphere during unoccupied hours, thereby increasing heat infiltration and allowing supply air to spill over into the aisles. This has increased energy usage and shortened compressor life due to the extended run hours.

In recent years, food store operators have begun to install retractable night curtains onto refrigerated cases. Typically constructed from woven aluminum and concealed during occupied hours in metal housings, these curtains are drawn down after the store has closed, and raised in the morning just prior to the opening. By doing so, energy use in these cases during unoccupied hours is reduced by as much as 90%.

Additional financial benefits are achieved through extended produce life, reduced compressor run time, lower heating costs, and elimination of the need to tape plastic sheets over the case openings during power outages.