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Concentrated Solar Collectors

Aloha Energy Group is the Exclusive Distributor for Solartron Energy System’s SolarBeam Concentrator in Hawaii. The SolarBeam has made it easy adding solar thermal energy to your industrial or commercial facility is easy to implement now with our solar hot water heating systems. Multiple stand-alone systems can generate thousands of kW or BTUs required for even the most demanding applications.


Solartron Energy Systems Inc. has developed the world’s first affordable system for solar hot water & photovoltaic electricity production. The SolarBeam Concentrator system is simply the most efficient solar hot water system available. The SolarBeam Concentrator’s unique tracking system and design has applications in heating, cooling, and electricity generation. SolarBeam’s computer-controlled 2-axis tracking system maximizes solar concentration equivalent to 350 suns which means more efficiency throughout the day. The result – a more steady and reliable solar thermal energy stream to meet your needs. If you’re looking for solar hot water energy to harness, why would you not want maximize the power? Simply put, the SolarBeam reigns strong over all solar hot water systems available on the market.


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