Say Aloha To Savings! Aloha Energy Group Specializes In Reducing Your Energy Bill

About Us

Aloha Energy Group, LLC (Aloha) provides lighting and cooling-related energy conservation technologies and services to commercial, industrial, and government facilities. In addition to reduced energy use and demand, Aloha customers typically realize increased peak ambient cooling capacity, increased system life expectancy, and lower maintenance costs.

Depending upon the situation, Aloha functions as an energy-engineering firm, a design-build contractor, or a technology distributor. Aloha customers include commercial, industrial, and municipal building owners, electric utility companies, and contractors (mechanical, electrical, and energy conservation). Our services include energy conservation project design, project management, and turnkey installations.

As most of Aloha’s business is generated through the electric utility company energy conservation programs, we are well practiced in the art of generating the engineering data necessary to obtain energy conservation rebates for our customers. These rebates lower their out-of-pocket costs to implement qualifying energy conservation measures and greatly shorten the payback period.